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    Admins are not 24/7 on the Server. But we are very Active

    • Sudden Attack counts under FFA and is prohibited.
    • People who duel must not be attacked.
    • Throwing Objects / Swords / Weapons at People counts under FFA [ 30 Days Ban ]
    • You have to keep a distance of at least 4-5 meters from duelers.
    • Lute Trolling is not allowed, if someone does not want to, the lute player must stop immediately.
    • Disturbing People in a duel is strictly prohibited. [ 42 Hours Ban ]
    • Voice / Map or other bugs are forbidden. [ Permanent Ban ]
    • Friends of each other are allowed to FFA [ But if they go to Duelier they will be permanently excluded ]

    You have a (Log in / Register) button at the top left, if you press this a window will appear where you have to click on (Register) if you are not yet logged in.

    With the register you confirm the server rules of our Mordhau server and the forum.